Friday, November 27, 2009

Emelia Paige Sorah

Thank you all very much for your thoughts and prayers! I know they are working because Emme is doing great and is now breathing room air with just a little help! She hasn't "forgot" to breathe hardly at all like preemie's do. She is also trying to suck on her hand..and her IV, haha....which I'm told by all her sweet nurses, is a very good sign of maturity. They started giving her a tsp. of my milk through her feeding tube every three hours and since she tolerated it so well, they have increased the dosage to about one third of an ounce. One of our #1 goals is to fatten her up! Rusty and I have also been able to hold her "skin to skin" against our chest for an hour everyday. Keep praying! The doctors tell us to just plan on her staying in the hospital until my due date, which WAS January 27th of 2010, but I believe that with alot of prayer she will be home with us sooner! Thanks again, we are very greatful!

Emme is doing great....she was being fed through her feeding tube here and a little milk was running down her mouth!

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Megan Dawnette said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!! How stinkin cute can a baby be??? OMW she is so adorable. She likes to eat just like her mommie!!!!! She is so precious I miss her!!!!!!!!