Saturday, March 6, 2010

In Loving Memory

On friday, march 5th of 2010 at approximately 5:00 am, my grandmother Patricia Floyd passed away. She had been suffering from a disease known as Lou Gehrig's disease for 6 months, starting with a few stumbles here and there... not being able to not being able to talk. I am very sad to see her go....she just celebrated her 65th birthday on january 12th of 2010 and recently became a great grandmother to Emme, who she didn't get the chance to meet. You will be missed by SO MANY grandma and I'm soo very sad that you will not be a part of Emme's life. You were a wonderful grandma, and I love you very much and I have wonderful memories of you in my life.

my last visit with my grandma...may of 09.

Emme update!!

Welllll.......Where do I start?!! Emme is getting soo soo big and a new roll forms on a different part of her body every day it seems! Her last doctors visit was in february and she weighed about 5 pounds...I am pretty sure she is about 6 and a half pounds now. So much has happened in the pst two months...I will try to replay the events!
Shortly before her doctors visit in january, she developed a little cough that had me slightly worried because premature babies have a very weak immune system and cannot not ward off viruses, which in Emme's case, could be fatal. Her doctor told me to keep a close eye on her and come in right away if her symptoms worsened or if she developed a fever....when she started vomiting up just about all 2 and a half ounces of her bottle, her cough sarted sounding thick with mucus and there was a rattle in chest when she breathed, Rusty and I started to panic and took her to the doctor right away. She tested positive for RSV and after being home for only about a month, had to be rushed by ambulance to The Children's Hospital of Saint Francis in Tulsa.
She was in the hospital for five days....she was on oxygen, had to be suctioned out a couple times a day and given several breathing treatments. Rusty and I were just devastated when all this happened!! I cried in the doctor's office as soon as we found out she was sick. As parents, we felt like we failed somehow. After the MANY long days of being house bound (6 weeks) and washing our hands until they were as dry as sand paper trying to avoid RSV and other germs that would make our baby sick, it was inevitable. We want to thank the Baglins, the Greggs, the Tauntans, Chris, Tip, and Ben Dykes for coming to visit us in the hospital...and thank you Shanna for the OUT OF THIS WORLD CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!!
On a lighter note...Emme is now receiving psynagis shots to prevent RSV until the season for it is over. These shots strengthen her premature lungs and prevent RSV. She is just as healthy as ever and she went to church for the first time (and out of the house for other than a doctor's appointment of hospital stay..!) on sunday, february 7th! She wore the doll dress that Mimi (my mother-in-the-law) made her. I also ordered her some doll shoes to wear with them.
We take her out to restaurants, she's been the to the grocery store once (I'm still hesitant to take her there because of all the scary germs there might be there...there are some GROSS people that frequent our Wal-mart!!) and she goes to every church service now. I just recently had to put away several of her preemie outfits (and the doll shoes as well!) and trade them for newborn and 0-3 months sizes! We took her to Tulsa on a shopping spree and bought some really cute dresses for her.
My parents (Nana and Papa), Heather, and Tyler (Tauntie Heather and Uncle Ty Ty) also got to come for two weeks in february to visit. I was soo nice and they really enjoyed Emme! It was very hard to see them go. There were many tears!
I have recently been making bows for Emme. It is sooooooooo fun! My sis-in-law Megan and I spent several hours creating bows...we have found a fun hobby! That pretty much wraps it up for now...Lyn: Ill try to do better at updating!! Haha!

Emme in the hospital...poor baby! She was so pale.

Here she is getting ready for her first service ..I'm too small for my tights mommy! I'm baggin'
Emme's first church service!! She is in the dress Mimi made her and her doll shoes that are now too small!
Our first service as the Sorah family
February 7th
My parents visit to Independence in february
Nana and Papa wth dad forgot his church clothes!!
Mom and her girls (minus Megan)
Nana and Emme

Me and my sweet pea
Emme in the dress Nana made her
Nana and Emme
Emme and Alex at El Pueblitos after church last sunday
Emme in her "Kansas dress " from great grandma Newton. She calls it this because its plaid and flannel!