Friday, November 27, 2009

Emelia Paige Sorah

Thank you all very much for your thoughts and prayers! I know they are working because Emme is doing great and is now breathing room air with just a little help! She hasn't "forgot" to breathe hardly at all like preemie's do. She is also trying to suck on her hand..and her IV, haha....which I'm told by all her sweet nurses, is a very good sign of maturity. They started giving her a tsp. of my milk through her feeding tube every three hours and since she tolerated it so well, they have increased the dosage to about one third of an ounce. One of our #1 goals is to fatten her up! Rusty and I have also been able to hold her "skin to skin" against our chest for an hour everyday. Keep praying! The doctors tell us to just plan on her staying in the hospital until my due date, which WAS January 27th of 2010, but I believe that with alot of prayer she will be home with us sooner! Thanks again, we are very greatful!

Emme is doing great....she was being fed through her feeding tube here and a little milk was running down her mouth!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ms. Emelia "Emme" Sorah *2lb. 7.7oz*

(Narrating: Heather Domerese)
Miss Emme is here! Yesterday at 4:06 PM, my late birthday gift arrived! How exciting to share our birthdays so close, only 3 days after mine! Anyway, she is a floor below us in NICU, in a small mini bed without any kind of breathing aid! We thought she was so tiny until we looked around and saw all the other babies were in incubators and some even smaller than Emme. She moves quite a bit, we saw a teensy glimpse of her eyes for about 2 seconds but we can't tell what color they are yet. Rusty went to touch her hand with his finger (yes, she's that little!) to pray for her and she jerked it away with such spunk and attitude! We may have a sassy one on our hands! : ) We are waiting for the doctor to okay her numbers before she can move to a private room. On the way to the room Lisa will get to see Emme for the first time since the surgery. She's really excited! She just finished some, um, food, i guess and seems to be feeling much better than she was earlier today. Here are the 3 pics I took last night, when she was still on the ventilator. We will take more when we go again and post them soon!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Apple Dip

For a little while now, I have been on a green apple kick. I found this YUMMY apple dip that is very easy to whip up in less than five minutes and I thought I would share it with it is, I am going to fix some now for a snack. It is sounding better and better!

*1 (8 oz.) pkg. cream cheese (it is easier to mix if cream cheese is room temperature)
*3 to 4 tbsp. brown sugar
*1 tsp. vanilla
Thoroughly mix all ingredients. If mixture seems too thick, add a dash of milk. Cut apples into slices. Dip and enjoy!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The latst news at the Sorah household....

Sorry it's been SOOO long since I have posted! Alot has happened in the past month...I got to go back home to California for two weeks (it was soo nice!!) because my little sister Heather got married to Tyler Domerese. It's crazy to think that all of the Bolen girls are married and "all growed up!" I am VERY happy though because she now lives in in the city limits of Kansas City, Missouri, which happens to be only THREE hours away..............YAY! I now have a piece of my family close by. While I was visiting my family back home, my mom threw me a very nice baby shower. I got some VERY VERY cute little things for our baby girl. Thank you all for the gifts and thank you mom for all the time and energy you put out on the YUMMY soup and finger foods! They were so good!

Rusty turned 28 on October 25th and we headed up to Kansas City for Tyler and Heather's reception at her new church and celebrated Rusty's birthday at Macaroni Grill. He got a big flower AND got serenaded in an opera happy birthday does HE rate??!!! Haha. Rusty and I have also FINALLY decided on our baby girl's name.... well, her first name that is. We are naming her Emelia and we are going to call her Emme for short. I am now in my third and last trimester of my pregnancy (7 months).

Everything is going great so far and I am growing steadily as we speak! I have finally had my first experience with swollen ankles and feet. And when I say swollen, I mean SWOLLEN. I am now realizing that I can't do as much as I normally do, long drives mean swollen feet, fast food isn't a good thing on trips, and if I don't drink my normal amount of's swelling time! Emme kicks all the time and Rusty has been able to feel it as well as hear her heartbeat! He has already bought two CD's for her of cute kid songs...and we have adorable little dresses and shiny little shoes around our house as we impatiently await her arrival. Well, that's all for are a few random pictures from this month.

My Chico baby shower at my mom's coffee shop
Me at 6 months (this picture is awful but it's the only one I have)
(this ones for you Lyn!)
At grandma and grandpa Newton's for catfish
Grandpa and his grand daughters (minus one..Heather was on her honeymoon)
Tyler and Heather in Sacramento just getting back from Hawaii!
Grandma Newton and me
Me n' Momma
Me n' Meg
The wedding
Our famous wedding pose...we've done this in all our weddings
My dad (trying to look all cool! haha) I don't know how
but he somehow avoided getting in any of my pictures!
Of course, I'm sure he had it planned that way.
Celebrating Rusty's 28th birthday at Macaroni Grill
in KC with Tyler and Heather. ( I think Rusty was being
serenaded in this picture...notice the look of AWE on his face..haha)