Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter babies!

Here are a few pictures that Suni House and I took of the babies in our church for see more visit

Friday, April 17, 2009


Ever had sushi? It's one of those things that you either love or hate. I happen to love it! I haven't tried all the different rolls, but the ones I've tried I have really liked. Awhile ago, in Oklahoma City, Rusty had his first "Sushi eperience" and he really liked it! He accidentally mistook the wasabi for avocado and took a giant bite...........he was freaking out because it was sooooooo hot and spicy! Haha, I felt sorry for him.... overall, he thought it was yummy and we had a great time.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Photo shoot....say cheese!

Some time last year, my friend Suni House and I took a photography class at our town's community college. Ever since then, we have really been into photagraphy. We have done some maternity shots of a few of the many pregnant women in our church (we're all excited about so many babies!), and several others. A couple of weeks ago, Suni and I were talking and came up with an idea to take easter pictures of all the babies in our church. (She is such an excellent and telanted photagrapher!) My sister-in-law Megan has a WONDERFUL bay window in her house that is GREAT for pictures so we set the date and told all the moms to bring their babies for pictures. So yesterday we set up and started shooting...the practice was good for us and it was SOOO fun! Unfortunately, I don't have a good camera so Suni and I rotated the camera several times, meaning we don't know who took what so we could critique each other but, oh well! The pictures turned out soooo sooo cute and will be posted on our photagraphy blog soon.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Making memories....and dessert!

I love monday and tuesday evenings! They are soooo nice for Rusty and I. There is absolutely NOTHING going on and we get to have a nice and early dinner together and just relax. Last night, I made hamburgers (one of Rusty's favorites!) and soon afterward we wanted something sweet.....Well, we decided to try and make a really good dessert similar to the Oreo Madness that T.G.I Fridays used to serve. We thought about how they made it and ended up trying our own version of it. Surprisingly, it turned out pretty good! Not very pretty to look at....but good! It ended up being a really funny (and messy) experience...... I guess you could say that it was just one more little memory we are making together.

Our rendition of Oreo Madness..hahah, YUMMY!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


God is moving in Independence a MIGHTY way! Last wednesday night, April 1st, my husband preached a message that turned our church upside down. He preached from the scripture in Judges that says 'there arose a generation that knew not God.' He had the elderly saints in our church sit on the front row and talked about 'the good old wholesome and innocent days' and the spirit of trevail and intense worship they experienced. He even went as far as having each one of them testify of experiencing such a move of God. He went on to talk about how, when are nation began, God was the center of attention. ( He definitely made a point there, oh how that has changed!)

After he preached about all this, he went on to talk about today's generation.....his own generation and how ashamed and sickened he was by it. He preached about all the sin and innocency and wholesomeness (if that's a word) that has been lost.....about teenage pregnancy, premarital sex, the lack of prayer, spirit of trevail and all night prayer meetings,etc.....His burden soon fell on us as a church and when the service was over, we prayed with such an intensity and fervency that I didn't know even existed. The spirit of trevail was all over that place. Several of us were 'drunk on the holyghost' and we ended up staying at the church, lost in prayer and trevailing, until almost MIDNIGHT! I have never experienced such a strong and powerful move of God like that!!

This Sunday, we were all so excited about church..more than ever. An expectancy, as well as a liberty in the holyghost was in the air. Our preservice prayer started at 6:30pm and was power-packed. Again, the spirit of trevail filled the house and we didn't even get to have church! God spoke to our church through tongues and was incredibly awesome. Our preservice prayer ended at was unbelievable!....I'm expecting an intense move of God this coming wednesday...I can't wait! It's time for revival in Independence!