Monday, July 28, 2008

This weekend a couple of our Sunday school kids that had perfect attendance for 3 months were given a pizza party at Pizza Hut. They were so excited and had a blast as they bounced up and down in our backseats on the way there. We took them to the park afterward-where it was VERY hot and VERY humid-and they ran around like must be nice to have such endless energy, especially with the weather they way it was!

Later that night, a group of us from church took the hour and a half drive to Tulsa to see an outdoor play called Discovery Land. There were tons of people there from all over, including a group from France....even Sweden(of all places!). It was very cute and we had alot of fun!


Today, Monday July 28th, is the first day of my two weeks off of work and I'm GLAD! I just listened to today's broadcast of Adventures in Odyssey while I did some stuff around my house. I've always loved Odyssey and always's awesome! The website for Odyssey for those of you who don't know is They have a different broadcast everyday, it's great and I always look forward to it.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Hokey and Pokey

Sunday night was another awesome service..... Here is a picture of my buddy Stacie, her baby Elliott and me after church. Stacie and I seem to do everything together. We teach sunday school together, dress up like clowns and do sunday school outreach at the park together, (ha, we call ourselves Hokey and Pokey)shop together...the list goes on and on. Our husbands have been friends long before we came on the scene so we have no choice but to be buds! She is great...we both came from different states, churches, etc. to be with our hunny's.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ready for Revival!

On Sunday, Bro. Hearn from Oregon preached for us and a visitor got the Holyghost....we are excited!

Hearn Family Reunion

This weekend the family celebrated Granny and Papa Hearn's 8oth birthdays. Family came from all over to Independence....the Blatto's from California...Herion's from Missouri....and Hearn's from Oregon. It was fun! Thursday some of us went to Silver Dollar City and saw the play "The Shepherd of the Hills" was a GREAT play! Saturday we the entire family got together for the birthday party. We all had a great time (and some late nights hanging out at Momma Sorah's house).

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I also took an art class last winter. I was a little scared at first because I knew nothing beyond using a #2 pencil and binder paper. I just knew that I was able to draw to a degree. I learned SO MUCH in this class! The professor would set up a display or had another student model while each student set up their own easel at different angles around the room and drew what they saw . The class lasted 2 hours, but it FLEW by!The professor introduced me to something called collage art. Callage art takes an abstract angle on things. We used asia ink and were encouraged to use anything from strips of newspaper to papertowels to enhance our drawing. (the white strips portray light on the models back.) it was awesome and I'm glad I did it and the next class I take will be painting.


I took a photography class at Independence Community College last winter with Suni, a friend from church, and really enjoyed it. Our teacher was a little goofy, but it was a good experience. Suni and I did a wedding together in June to get some experience and I took this picture during the rehearsal. For some odd reason I just love this one! I like to photograph things and DETAILS rather than people it seems. I also stuck in a pic of the groom and his guys...BEFORE photo shop.

Happy 4th!!!

This fourth of July weekend Rusty preached a youth revival in Sheridan, Arkansas at Bro. Scott's church. We left Friday morning at 9 and got there around 4:30....we ended up having to write a CHECK for $1.25 to get on the Muskogee Turnpike....TWICE... haha, because we had no change or dollar was a long drive to say the least. Rusty did an OUTSTANDING job and God used him in a mighty way! (Like he ALWAYS does everywhere he preaches!) I didn't get very many pics while we were there, but I did manage to get one while he did saturday morning's devotion.We had a wonderful time and we really enjoyed spending time with the Scotts. We managed to stop and do some shopping on the way home monday- which is always fun and definitely seemed to break up the long drive.