Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hearn Family Reunion

This weekend the family celebrated Granny and Papa Hearn's 8oth birthdays. Family came from all over to Independence....the Blatto's from California...Herion's from Missouri....and Hearn's from Oregon. It was fun! Thursday some of us went to Silver Dollar City and saw the play "The Shepherd of the Hills"...it was a GREAT play! Saturday we the entire family got together for the birthday party. We all had a great time (and some late nights hanging out at Momma Sorah's house).


Leeshers said...

Hi Lisa,... It alicia(remember -little rock, and getting yelled at by the man on the elevator in the fancy hotel)...awww the fun memories:).. Just wanted to stop by and say Hola and to see how you and Rusty are doing???

RUSTYN N' LISA said...

Hey Alicia! Do you have a blog or email address? I would love to keep in contact with you. Hahaha, how could I EVER forget about that stupid mean guy in the elevator...in the fancy hotel!Rusty and I are doing great. How about you? Nice to hear from you again. Do you know Chantelle's email address?