Friday, February 11, 2011

Little Miss Emme Paige

            After months of neglect, I have decided to pay attention to my blog and be more diligent at updating it. It seems like my life has been a whirl wind lately! So much has changed in my little world and I feel like I am finally settling into our new way of life. Emme will be 15 months on february 21st (13 months adjusted age), and is keeping me on the run. 
            She has two of her bottom teeth in and is currently cutting one on top.  She loves to wave her hand around and "worship", clap..and bounce to music. She is getting braver and braver when it comes to walking and standing alone. She loves to point her finger at things and jabber away.  She also loves to copy things that Rusty and I do, it's so cute! We are currently in revival in Waynesville, Missouri at Bro. and Sis. Smith's church and Bro. Smith decided to teach her to stick out her tongue and growl at people. It is absolutely HILARIOUS.
            The other day, I was busy cleaning up in the trailer and I noticed that Emme had crawled up stairs and was being very quiet. I peeked up the stairs and noticed that the shower door was standing open... I stook my head in and much to my surprise I saw little miss Emme in her pink and brown polka dot jammies sitting at the bottom of the shower eating a bar of soap!
            Lately, she has been displaying quite an attitude when she is reprimanded.  Her shrill yell and clenching of the fists has got to go....!
            Eating  is quite a joy to Emme (much like her mother). She seems to eat all day and she loves MEAT! Potatoes and carrots are also a favorite of hers. I can get her to eat just about anything though, which is nice (As long as it is not soap! haha).
             I really don't know what we did without her in our lives. She is such a joy and our hearts cannot hold all the love we have for her! She is our little God given miracle and I thank God every day for sending her to us. I am anxious to have many more......but not TOO anxious, hhaha!


Megan Neufeld said...

Haha! She was eating soap?? That's funny. I miss that kid a TON!

Suzanne said...

I soooo wish you were in California
Nana would babysit while you cleaned the trailer and Emee would'nt be eating soap

Rustyn and Lisa Sorah said...

Hana ya she eats everything.....sounds good mom! The sooner we get out there the better!

Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Domerese said...

Hey, you listen to me, lady! You get dat babay ova he-ah or I'monna have ta tell da boss on ya's. Or I'll come an gett'er myself! Don't say I didn't warn ya's....