Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pictures from P.E.A.K '08

P.E.A.K was unbelieveably awesome. There was a mighty and very pwerful move of the Holy Ghost in that place and I was so glad I got to experience it! Make plans to go next year....July 22nd and 23rd- You'll be glad you did!


Whitney said...

LISA!! LOVE the goggles pics! LOL It was SO good to see you guys at PEAK! We need to get together more often! Call me when you're in Tulsa! Love you guys! =)

Rachito said...
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Rachito said...

Lisa! Lol those pictures are just too cute of all you in those silly goggles!:)Anyway I hope all is well...tell Heidi that I said hello.

Rachel Elizabeth

SarahAnne said...

Hey Lisa,
I thought that I would come check out your blog! It was very nice meeting you at P.E.A.K. I hope you had a great time..I know I did. God is so good isn't he!? Cute blog and love the pictures! SarahAnne