Monday, July 21, 2008

Hokey and Pokey

Sunday night was another awesome service..... Here is a picture of my buddy Stacie, her baby Elliott and me after church. Stacie and I seem to do everything together. We teach sunday school together, dress up like clowns and do sunday school outreach at the park together, (ha, we call ourselves Hokey and Pokey)shop together...the list goes on and on. Our husbands have been friends long before we came on the scene so we have no choice but to be buds! She is great...we both came from different states, churches, etc. to be with our hunny's.


Amyan said...

Awe...that's pretty awesome...the will of God is so great...when it plays itself out so beautifully I want to shy and shout and sing all at
I do miss you sometimes though girl!!!!

RUSTYN N' LISA said...

Hey Amyan,
It's nice to hear from you!Hope all is well in Chico? Hopefully well. You are right, God's will is always perfect when it unfolds....I miss you too girl!