Monday, June 13, 2011


Look out Louisiana....the Sorahs are coming at you!
We have arrived in the swampy state of Louisiana. We're currently in revival with the Hams in Melville, La.
I have been looking for an alligator since we arrived and STILL HAVEN'T SEEN ONE. Im a little disappointed, yet at the same time a little relieved! I have never seen an alligator out of a cage before and it seems so odd to me that they run around free here!
In other Sorah family news, Miss Emme is 18 months old now and is quite a busy toddler....she runs all over the place, skinning up her knees and gets into EVERYTHING!! She also has been talking up a storm and loves to eat.
She is cutting her eye teeth now and it has really left her feeling yucky (poor baby!)
Before we made the long journey to Louisiana, Heather and Tyler came to visit us at our home base in Independence, Ks.
We had an fun visit (we always do!) We are going to miss being so close to them. Here are a few random pics from the last couple weeks....

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