Monday, September 21, 2009

The color is..........PINK!!

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Well, it's a girl! We now know what we are having....I have already bought two ADORABLE outfits and we have got a few cute things from friends and family. I can't wait to dress her all up like a little doll..with cute bows and headbands. Last week was the first time ever that I felt real "kicks"! It's sooo soo neat.

But today (september 22nd of 2009)....I felt a kick and actually SAW MY STOMACH MOVE! I was shocked to see it and very excited! I can tell that my little girl is gonna LOVE to eat like her momma because she sure gets excited and kicks up a storm every time I eat.... Well, that is the latest "baby news" and what is going on in our lives.


Sis. Kendrick's Scrapbook said...

Congrats on the baby girl!! That is sooo exciting!
Take care,
The Kendrick Clan

Sammy said...

Hey Lisa,
That's so exciting I bet you can't wait :)
~Sammy Felt~

Lovelyballew said...

You should really start another blog, on how to do hair. Your hair is always so pretty, would love to know how you do it...Post on you tube and add to blog..I would follow...

Rachel Elizabeth said...

Awww Lisa! That is sooo neat! I am so excited for you and Rusty:) She is gonna b the cutest little girl:) Love ya!

Alyssa said...

Awww..Congrats to you two!:) She will be a DOLL, I am sure! I can't wait to see her. Love ya girl!